Paranormal Reality is now available exclusively on Roku.  Are you not familiar with roku?  Roku is the only true alternative to the modern cable box.  With 13 million Roku boxes in homes across the U.S. it is quickly becoming the leader of the IPTV revolution.  With great channels like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, and over 300 other channels.  Check out Roku at If you already own a Roku box and would like to subscribe to the Paranormal Reality TV Network the monthly subscription price is $2.99 Starting January 21st 2015. Go to the Roku Channel Store and our channel is listed under Special Interests. Just add the Paranormal Reality Channel and let the fun begin. You can also add the channel directly buy clicking here Channel Add: paranormalreality Access includes 3 channels of independent original content and monthly series. We also have a Classic Movies section that has old hard to find Horror and Scifi Classics like: Night of the Living Dead, Plan 9 From Outer Space, Bela Lugosi Classics like White Zombie, The Phantom Creeps, Carnival of the Souls, The Russian Scifi Classic by Francis Ford Coppella 'Battle Beyond the Sun" and many more to be released each month. Please note that Paranormal Reality Channel is currently adding many new shows to start in early 2012. We will be developing the channel through out the first season. We are trying to build the first ever grassroots Paranormal TV Network to showcase the research of the Paranormal Community and we need your help and support to grow the channel. Your subscription will help pay show hosts and ensure that the channel is able to produce quality original television series. We are always looking for new talent... Do you have a paranormal experience that needs to be seen? Would you like to have your own show on Paranormal Reality TV and get paid for your work? Please visit the contact tab and send us your ideas.




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