GhostBand is truly a unique approach to a ghost hunt.  Using music as the "Ultimate Trigger Object"  The series starts with the 2009 journey of Matt Kazee as he set out to prove there was no such thing as ghosts.  Everything changed for him after spending just a short time in the Goldfield Hotel with Virgnia Ridgeway and one night alone in the Old Washoe Club in Virginia City, Nevada. Exerts from his documentary 'Enter the Washoe' document the journey from skeptic to believer.     in October 2009, KillaDilla a rock band from Blacksburg Virginia featuring Matt Kazee, Joseph Leggette and Roger Gupta retraced the drunken steps of James Finny who dropped that bottle of Old Ginny renamed the Comestock "Old Virginny".  The band drove from Virginia to Virginia City to play the Old Washoe Club and the Red Dog Saloon.  After spending 3 nights ghost hunting at the Washoe Club and the Miners Cabin the band began to be haunted and broke up.    In 2010 what remained of KillaDilla traveled to Trans-Alegheny and made a dreadful mistake provoking in a regrettable way.  One week later to the day all hell broke loose. For months afterward when ever they played music alone paranormal activity occurred.    GhostBand was formed a year later with a mission statement to use music and sound frequency to trigger paranormal activity and with the ultimate goal of capturing a musical instrument playing itself by paranormal means.    With locations  like Bobby Mackey's Music World, The Old Washoe Club, The Miners Cabin, Lorretta Lynn's Childhood Home, ROHS Opera House, St. Albans Sanitorium and much more.    Check out the Trailer featuring Ghostband     Check out the a sneak peak of Enter The Washoe Check out the sneak peak of The Haunting of the Loretta Lynn Homeplace